The Story of the First Easy Noodle Mat

The Story of the First Easy Noodle Mat

August 29, 2017

Easy Paws is thrilled to share its first ever product – the Easy Noodle Mat!

The Easy Noodle Mat was developed by Easy Paws’ founders – Alex and Adam. Adam owned a mischievous dog, Gonzo, who loved to run in the mud (likely stemming from his border collie heritage). Like all dog owners, Adam had the daily task of manually wiping his dog’s muddy paws when entering the house. Gonzo hated having his paws wiped and put up as much resistance as possible. Adam tried all types of dog mats and found none to be effective at cleaning Gonzo’s paws.

One night over dinner, Adam jokingly asked Alex, a professional product designer, to find a solution for this. Alex, a habitual problem-solver, took the task on, and developed the first Easy Noodle Mat.
The mat worked perfectly for soaking up dirt from Gonzo’s paws – no more wiping his paws by hand!
As Gonzo and the mat became inseparable, Alex and Adam discovered that the mat had other uses too – a comfy dog bed liner and a car mat for when taking him on drives. They also added a super non-slip backing for safety.
Alex and Adam thought it wrong to keep the secret to themselves. Six months later, they founded Easy Paws.

We can’t wait for you to your dogs to try out the Easy Noodle Mat, and more colours and designs are on the way! We would love to see photos of your dogs enjoying the mats, so please send them to us - - and we will post them on our website!

Alex and Adam

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